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Office of communications and news of the Notary, First of Riohacha.

comisión de asuntos americanos
alcaldía de riohacha
comisión de asuntos americanos
“U.C.N.C.” e Incoder firman convenio interinstitucional

Bogotá, June 9, 2014. In order to reduce the risk of counterfeiting and avoid fraudulent actions and/or maneuvers used by unscrupulous individuals to dispossess the State, peasant families and individuals of their lands, the Colombian Institute of Rural Development – INCODER and the Collegiate Union of Notaries...

Toman posesión los Representantes del Notariado ante el Fondo Cuenta Especial

July 30, 2014. In the Office of Mr. Superintendent of Notaries and Registry, Dr. Jorge Enrique Vélez García, took office and took the oath, Drs. María Eloísa Aldana Rodríguez, Sole Notary Public of Pandi, Cundinamarca and Lizzeth María Rojas Rovira, Sole Notary Public of Galapa, Atlántico, who were elected as Notary Representatives...

noticia de notaria primera de riohacha

Keep in mind that if you leave Colombia with a child or adolescent and they go without one of their parents, the minor must carry an exit permit for minors authenticated at any notary's office in the country with online biometrics. Learn about the recommendations of Álvaro Rojas Charry, president of the UCNC. In agreement...


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Calle 3 No. 6-28, Colombia. Riohacha
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