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FORMALITIESCivil Registration

Civil Registration

The Civil Registry is the document that proves the existence of a person, their marital status, their legal status vis-à-vis their family and society in general, their ability to exercise rights and incur obligations.

Marital status is the legal situation of a person vis-à-vis his family and society in general.

It is constituted by a set of legal circumstances that relate a person to the family from which he comes, with the family he has formed, and with certain attributes of his personality that establish his capacity to exercise rights and contract obligations.

The civil status of people is indivisible and imprescriptible and its assignment corresponds to the Law.

Procedures Registry Civil

Civil Registry of Death

It is the public document that proves the fact of death and its cause. it serves so that the death is recorded in the civil registry of birth and in the civil registry of marriage, if there was one. It also allows the initiation of succession procedures.

Civil marriage registration

It is the public document necessary to prove that a person is married. It records the data of those who marry and the act of marriage. It serves to acquire rights and fulfill obligations among themselves, before the family, the authorities and society.

Birth certificate

It is an essential document through which the person proves his existence to the family and society and allows him to identify himself, exercise his rights and fulfill his obligations.

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